Our Safety features comprises of

iconAmanora School has been provided with tight CCTV surveillance that cover corridors and meeting points at every floor.

icon A central team overseas safety and security for all our schools. Background of every member of the support staff is vetted. Safety Audits take place on a regular basis cover all the major areas.

icon Health, Safety & Child Protection Committees are formed in order to engage and enlighten the students & Staff about the safety measure.

icon In-Campus Safety Drill is conducted to prepare the students & Staff for eventualities.


iconAmanora School is equipped with trained medical doctors who tend to the students who seek medical attention. We encourage regular check-ups for our parents and staff as well.

icon A police and background verification is done for all hired staff.

icon Restricted access to school; we ensure every visitor goes through our security check and are issued IDs at the entrance.

Here are the safety measures that we have

At Amanora School, we also ensure the safety and security of our students is met not just within the school campus but also while using the school transportation. Here are the safety measures that we have:

icon GPS tracking systems are installed on all our school buses which give us their whereabouts by the minute.

icon Each bus has a lady attendant who accompanies the students during pickup and drop-off

icon Workshops are conducted for our security staff, drivers and attendants at regular intervals to reiterate the importance of their duty and sensitize them regarding the safety of our students.

icon Parents are requested to lend their support in ensuring safe travel of their wards and all children on the bus. Being on time at the pickup and drop-off points would help keep the children safe and will ensure smooth functioning of the transport department. Parents are requested to avoid calling the driver when he is at the wheel.


icon With a dedicated transport in-charge, headed by a centralized team, the drivers and attendants are continuously briefed and checked. Surprise checks are conducted on the buses at regular intervals to ensure that all safeguards are in place.

icon Breathe Analyzer tests for drivers are frequently conducted prior or post pick up/drop offs.

icon Children using our transportation services have been provided with Bus ID cards.

As a school, we are dedicated to ensuring a safe learning environment for our children. We believe that parents play a crucial role in the safety and security of the children, which is why, we seeks the support of parents to ensure that our students are guided and educated in this aspect of life.